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The crazy ride

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

What a crazy ride it has been since March 2020! Right? Who would have told any of us that we would be locked down for about three months and people would show us the best and the worst they are capable of...

Your clients, colleagues, and general people around you, are in need of compassionate leadership. How can you get it right?

Let's discuss briefly seven ideas we can help each other to implement:

1 Find Balance and Stop the Rollercoaster

Yes, things are what they are. You can't pretend everything is hunky-dory. And yet your people need you to be that person that has a grip on reality while inspiring hope and providing direction and purpose.

Try to gather momentum, to make people around you feel optimistic about their chances. Refuse being part of a recession and inspire confidence instead of anxiety and fear.

2 Communicate more and meaningfully

Hey, covid19 has made everyone feel anxious one way or another, hasn't it? So we need to get out of our cave even more than before. Talk to people more often. To positive people rather. And try to have more meaningful interactions.

Show your authentic self. It's not about being perfect and a know-it-all leader. It's about being there, present and visible.

3 Focus on Vision, Mission, and Values

Before the Long Pause, everybody was running like a headless chicken. And we were forced to stop whatever we had planned and well thought out.

Some people realised they were doing a bunch of stuff they shouldn't be doing anyways! That's why it's critical that we reevaluate our VMV's; Vision, Mission, and Values. They're the compass that give direction to our goals, strategies, and actions. Why does your business exist? For whom exactly? How are you different?

4 Take care of your inner self

Everybody wants a piece of you. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. And yet people who care for you, people that matter, they want you rested, emotionally balanced, and calm. When you are in peak form you inspire everybody. So, what are you doing to nourish your physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and professional mind?

Make everyone a favour, beginning with your great self! Get plenty of sleep, eat well, exercise, meditate, care for your loved ones, and make it a habit you always keep.

5 Check Your Competition

This crisis has disrupted many industries. Traditional businesses have experienced exponential growth on e-commerce.

Check what your competitors are doing to cut on costs, to tap into new business opportunities. Eyes, ears, and minds wide open folks!

6 Cultivate Your Curiosity

If you think you know it all, you've already lost. Cause everything is changing, that's the only certainty. And that's why if you are truly humble and are open to new ideas and challenges, you end up with better ideas, and advanced growth.

One of the most beautiful takeaways of being a BTB Club member is being exposed to a wealth of diverse opinions, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. Embrace them, stay curious, engage with fellow members and visitors.

7 Stop and Celebrate

Even if you're not sure there's anything to celebrate, you don't have to wait for big successes to have something to feel proud of. A good leader knows when to pause for a bit, and show appreciation for people around, lessons learned, and opportunities to be grateful for.

If there was a time to work on our personal leadership skills, it's certainly now. Our clients, fellow members, our business contacts, friends, and families, our whole communities need us to be our best, and bring our best.

Ready to bring and be your best? Looking forward to see you in our next meeting!

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