Seven Keys To Better Networking

There are many different aspects that make a great networker. And these are some of the most commonly accepted:

1- Listen Actively to fellow members.

Business networking requires double listening
Business networking requires double listening

At least twice as much as you speak. When doing your SE (SWOT Exchange meetings) make sure you don't abuse your 30 minutes, wrap things up when you get to minute 25! Make sure you listen to the weekly presentations attentively, taking notes, looking at the person presenting, having your video on, asking clarifying questions when appropriate. After a fellow member does the featured presentation, ask questions that show you have an interest in creating referrals for them.

2- Have a Positive Attitude.

Finding the negatives in a situation requires zero effort and zero intelligence. Don't be the naysayer in the group. Surely you know about someone that complains about the venue, the coffee, the food, the air, the light, the location of the venue, the time of the meeting, what someone has said or done, what someone has not said or done. Remember we are here to build positive, professional, working relationships. And our attitude is either a wall or a bridge.

3- Show you a Sharing Attitude.

One of BTB Club core values is Sharing