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How To Ask Your Clients For Referrals

Every business owner that is looking for clients wants to know how to make it happen. Without new clients you can’t grow, you can’t pay the invoices, you can’t move forward. Well, let’s review the best ways to make it happen.

Today we are going to see a practical way to ask for referrals right now, by talking to your clients. Do you have a client already? Don’t wait any longer. A happy client should have no problem in spreading your name. Even when they love what you do and how you do it, your clients are busy. Make it easy for them to refer you business. This is my proven method to ask for referrals in person:

  • “Hi [Richard]! How are things doing? [Wait for reply] I enjoy very much working with you and would love to hear how it’s going. Is there anything you feel I could improve in the way I work with you? [Wait for reply]

  • That’s so good to hear [Richard]! What is your highlight in working with me? Any particular aspect that you find particularly great? [Wait for reply] That’s very valuable feedback, thank you!

  • On a side note, I wonder if you would like to help me. Would that be alright? [Wait for reply]

  • I’m looking for new clients to work with. Can you connect me to a few people or companies you know that could benefit from my services right now like yourself? I would like to connect with them if they want to have a brief chat. [Wait for reply]

  • Fantastic! Do you think you can talk to them between now and Friday and put us in contact? [Wait for reply]