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Getting more business through your contact sphere

A contact sphere is a group of business owners who have a mutually beneficial relationship. They are usually in compatible professions, and do not compete with each other. And yet they work with the same target client.

This places them in a unique position to help each other with business referrals. Here are some examples of contact spheres:

  • Marketing services: printers, graphic designers, marketing consultants, website developers, communication agencies, video producers, photographers, sign writers, copy writer, etc.

  • Real estate services: Notary, mortgage brokers, residential agents, commercial agents, etc.

  • Construction & Tradesmen: Builders interior designer, architects, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, painters, carpenters, etc.

  • Business to business services: IT maintenance, broadband and phone companies, filtered water supplies, office supplies, office furniture, etc.

  • Business to consumer services: Nursing services, children care, shoe shop, clothing shop, residential lawn mowing, window cleaner, etc.

  • Financial & legal: Family lawyer, Real Estate lawyer, Corporate lawyer, Migration lawyer, New Technologies lawyer, Civil lawyer, private banking, IFA (Independent Financial Advisor), Mortgage Brokers, etc.

  • Events: Wedding planner, catering services, flower arrangements, balloons, events venue, hotel, travel agency, etc.

  • Tourism: Hotels, restaurants, sailing school, boat rental, horse riding school, balloon rides, segway tours, bike rentals, rent-a-car, tourist apartments, excursions, etc.

  • TIC: Software developers, App builders, telecommunications software, security software, Accounting software, Business Intelligence, CRM, etc.

  • Health: Nutritionists, chiropodists, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, chiropractors, etc.

  • Beauty: Nails saloon, hairdresser, tattoo artist, makeup artist, beautician, barber, model, dermatologist, eyelash technician, spa, laser hair removal, etc.

To make sure that you do more business through word-of-mouth, why not growing your contact sphere inside of your BTB Club group?

Identify as many business owners and professionals as possible that fit within your business' contact sphere. Who do you tend to work with? What other services are your clients using right before or after working with you? Create a list with as many names of this professionals as you can.

Invite these people to participate as visitors in your networking group. This way you can keep in contact with them regularly and do business with them consistently. If they are not really engaging with you after you are helping them, re-evaluate and fill the spot with someone who is ready to contribute as much as you are.

Contact spheres are the best way to help you build your business through referrals!

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