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Find your killer product

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

When you come to a business networking meeting you are making an effort. You are spending time and presenting your business in public. You want the best return possible, don’t you?

Choose a product that is easy to understand for fellow networkers. Remember you are not trying to sell to them. You want to teach them how to give you referrals that will work for you.

Make sure you pick a product or service that is worth your while. If you ask for low ticket referrals, guess what? you will get low ticket referrals. Your investment in doing networking is the same if you get high value referrals!

Think about what product you have that leaves you a great margin, and is fastest to be understood by your target audience and connectors. If it requires a little bit of explanation, it is ok too! You can use your SWOT Interchange meetings to help your fellow networkers know how to refer business to you.

Why not creating a Product Sheet and share it with your top connectors? You can describe briefly your Product, explain what problem solves, how why your solution is better that your competition's. At the end of your Product Sheet you can finish with a simple sentence that is memorable, fun, and powerful. This way your connectors will remember better how to refer to you more business.

Do you need help in identifying your killer product or service? Do not hesitate to ask your BTB Club Director for help. She / he will be delighted to help you and show you how she / he does it on her / his business.

Have a great week and happy business! 🧡

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