Featured Presentations That Actually Convert

Today one of our members was asking for a few pointers about how to prepare a great featured presentation. So, to honour that request, here we go!

Well, let's begin with the obvious. You have to attend two basic trainings that can really help you. In fact, it is mandatory to have done these two trainings before you are allowed to do a featured presentation in your group. We are talking about the BTB Club Success Training, and the BTB Club Presentation Skills Training.

At BTB Club, we believe in the power of training, collective knowledge, and experience. This is why we make available for all our members so many great value trainings. Can you make sure you attend more than once these trainings? As you know, you can register on our https://btbclub.biz/events section.

Let's share a few tips though:

  1. Get the audience attention. A business presentation can be boring if you do not plan for a dynamic talk. Make sure you open in a creative way to capture your audience's attention. They will thank you for it. It does not need to be something extremely complex. But it has to be good. Ask your better half, your colleagues and friends. They will be more than happy to give you ideas.

  2. Don't use the presentation to sell. Using your presentation to sell to your fellow networkers is out of place. They are part of your referral team. The last thing you want is for them to feel pressured into buying anything. Focus on farming, not on hunting. Do not target the visitors either. They will see you as pushy or aggressive and will run from you. Your presentation is a great opportunity to teach others how to generate referrals for you and like you better as a business partner.

  3. Educate and equip. Use your presentations as a way to give your fellow networkers ideas, strategies, tools, and arguments to create referrals for you. Share stories that illustrate how other people create referrals for you. Share testimonials from your clients. Make it very easy to understand how your referral process works.

  4. Do not get into the gritty details. We don't need to see the inner parts of your business in a very detailed way. If you get too technical people will switch off. Stick to explaining the basic sales tools they can use as your referral team. Use pointed questions we can ask our contacts to create the need and qualify the opportunity. Enhance our understanding of your target markets and how we can engage with your target clients.

  5. Use the 3*3 formula. Use the 3+3+3 minutes rule. 1) Three minutes to share what sets you apart; your background, skills, education, values, why, etc. 2) Three minutes to share real life stories, testimonials, features, and benefits. People will be able to remember you and your presentation, and they will better connect emotionally with you. 3) Three minutes for questions and your call to action. A great presentation without a single, clear, easy to remember CTA, is a waste of time for everyone involved. Tell your audience who is a good referral source for you, and tell them what to do with it exactly.

  6. Allow time for questions. It's a great way to clarify frequent questions your fellow members may have, and to make your presentation interactive.

  7. Have technology tested before the meeting. It's no good to show and trust everything will work. Speak to the Host Coordinator early before the meeting starts and test your PowerPoint or whatever you are using in your featured presentation.

  8. Have a plan b in case technology fails. Make sure you can deliver an equally powerful presentation without images or powerpoint. You can achieve that if you apply point 9.

  9. Prepare and rehearse really well. The key to an amazing and memorable featured presentation in your business networking group is preparation, preparation, and preparation. Never show yourself just to wing it. Rehearse your delivery to make sure it is confident, poised, and exciting.

  10. Bring visitors to your presentation. Make sure you bring potential referral sources to your featured presentation. Ask your fellow members to bring you visitors when you do the SE meetings with them (SWOT Exchange). Invite people yourself weeks in advance.

Remember, give people your WHY and they will by your HOW.