Don't Miss Out on the Power of Visitors

Inviting prospective clients or connectors as soon as you know them to visit your BTB Club group, is a great way to enhance your relationship with them. They will see you as a more credible person and will likely jump on the opportunity to pitch for their own business in front of other business owners.

If you are not bringing at least one visitor a month to our BTB Club, you are missing out on a great opportunity to help your fellow members, yourself, and your contacts! When they can listen to your weekly presentation, and how you interact with fellow members, they get to see how you could collaborate with them too. And when they see your featured presentation in one of our meetings, they get to understand way better how much knowledge and passion you bring to the table, and how to refer business to you. When they come to your BTB Club meeting, they are more likely to become a great referral for someone in your network. Why would you want to miss on all of that?

Now we have 3 online meetings a month, and 1 face to face. It's a lot easier bringing in visitors!

The whole group benefits and feels that special vibe when we have more visitors in the meeting. Have you noticed that? We have that little bit extra buzz, to look our best, to do our best. Kind of like when you invite people over to your place for dinner. Usually you use your best glasses, your best table cloth, your best cutlery, and you may even wear some extra cool clothes... That is part of the power of visitors. In fact, visitors is one of the success KPI's for you as an individual, and for your group.

When they join one of our meetings, they can get referrals from any of the members. And they certainly like that! Our fellow members can get referrals from our visitors, and that makes us a more valuable asset to our colleagues.

And when the visitors have a great experience, they decide to apply to become a member, and they are approved to join, on average any of your visitors who joins will contribute around 80 referrals every year. That is a direct result from your contribution to your fellow members. And once we have sponsored a great professional to join the group, our fellow members have a big debt of gratitude towards us. And the only way they can repay us is with referrals and more visitors! Powerful, right?

There is a special energy in a room full of visitors. And it also has a positive effect on a Zoom meeting!

If you haven't been inviting prospective connectors and clients to your business networking group and you are not sure how to invite them, why don't you try this approach to start bringing in more visitors:

  • Make a list of the featured presentations so you can match a particular presentation to your contacts' interests.

  • Complete and review your 80+ List with your connectors by adding as many names of people you know as possible. It will be easier for you to invite great professionals.

  • Be professional by inviting people with plenty of lead time. It's useless to invite someone a couple of days before the meeting.

  • Explain the reason for the invitation. "You will have the chance to present your business and get to know a number of great business owners and professionals."

  • Pay for them the meeting fee if you want to, in our face to face meetings.

  • Make plans to connect them to a person they can do business with in the group (by the way, that counts both as a visitor, and as a referral!)

  • Ask your visitor to bring another visitor if they feel like it! Double value when it happens.

  • Invite them even if you feel they are not the type that starts working at 8am. Just keeping them posted on what you do, and showing that you thought of them, is a nice way to build the relationship.

How do you invite them? Don't make the mistake of spending too long inviting them. Remember you are offering them a big opportunity to know very good credible professionals, and that in itself puts you in a very cool position. You are helping. All they have to do is to decide if they want the help and thank you for it, or they don't want it. And it is fine if they turn your offer down. It has nothing to do with the way they see you. It tells more about how much they want to grow their business and get more and better clients.

Please make inviting people easier for yourself by calling first, instead of texting or sending an email

And please, don't make the mistake of inviting by text or email without calling them first. We have done it ourselves, and seen hundreds of business owners doing it, and we know it doesn't bring as many visitors. Use this three steps process to make your time count, and to avoid feeling like begging them to come:

1- Call them at least 7 days before the meeting. Make that call a short one (under three minutes)

"Hey! How's life? [...] How's business these days? [...] Yeah? Are you looking for more clients? [...] Listen, I want you to have the chance to present your business at BTB Club. It's this great group of business owners I work with. I want them to know about you and your business, and see how much value you can get from that. Want me to send you the details? [...] What's your best email for me to be able to send you the info so you can come? [...] Great! Yes, in the email you will find all the information. Feel free to bring any other good professional like yourself! See you there!"

2- Send them an email with the details as soon as you finish the phone call. Don't delay it. It's better to deliver what we promised straight away. (We have a template to make your life easier! Ask your group's Experience Coordinator to share it with you.) Change the name in the template, and click on "send". This way you don't create additional work for yourself.

3- Two days before the meeting, or the morning the day before, call them to confirm whether they come on their own or with any other visitor.

"Hey! Just quickly, I'm calling you to check if you're coming with someone else, or just yourself? [...] Great! If you get stuck with Zoom / or getting to the venue, call me tomorrow before 8am and I will help you. See you tomorrow!"

Remember that when you invite someone to your BTB Club, your only objective is for them to come to get to know other professionals and present their business. That's it. You are not expecting them to join just because you invited them. It's too soon for them and for us. We do not allow anyone to join unless we have interviewed them, and we are satisfied that they are as credible as they appear, and that they can accept the commitments to be a great member. So there's no pressure whatsoever for them or for us. They cannot join in that meeting. They can only get to know other business owners and professionals and have a good time.

Experience of years tells that only 25% of people you invite will actually attend the meeting. For every 4 people you invite, usually 2 will accept the invitation, and only 1 will finally make it. So if you want to make absolutely sure that you will bring a visitor to a meeting, invite 8 people, and you will surely succeed in bringing 1 visitor.

Use the tips that we have shared above and have a personal goal of bringing more than one visitor every month. You will enjoy the meeting much more, other members will see you as a more credible business person, and your visitors will thank you for it and admire you from working in the group in the way you do it.

So, do you want to be a more successful member and make the best of your networking? How many people you know are you going to invite to your BTB Club group next week?

Visitors is one of the KPI's of individual and group's success

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