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BTB Club Attendance Policy

It is so exciting feeling that our members perceive high value from their membership. So much so that from among our more productive members come our BTB Club Board members too. We are proud to be the number one business networking organisation for expat CEOs and business owners who understand the value of great relationships and business referrals.

You may have heard about our board and yet be a bit unsure about what they do. Basically our board members create our policies alongside with our BTB Club Executive Director. How about that? Our clients are the ones that decide how we can take our groups to the next level.

Once a month, our board meets to discuss relevant topics and members ideas and concerns. Occasionally they will come up with an updated policy. This month we have talked about very relevant issues, like what our de-escalation policy will be once we are allowed to meet face to face again.

Our values are growth, connection, and sharing. So every decision made has to be consistent with these values, and our existing policies. Also all these decisions have to contribute to our members generating more business, and better business.

This month we have an updated attendance policy. Our members put great effort in inviting business owners and professionals, prepare their weekly presentations, their special featured presentations, and prepare business referrals for fellow members.

When we don't show up and don't bring in a substitute we undermine two key elements of business growth through referrals:

  1. Our own credibility. If you are not able to plan and organise yourself to arrange for a substitute to do your presentation when you are not in the meeting, how good can you really be in your professional activities that are probably way more complex? Bringing visitors requires a) making a list of people, b) talking to those people with sufficient time, and c) good planning so you can train them before you need them.

  2. Our relationships. When your fellow members see that you do not care that much about them having their feature presentation, the relationship suffers. They put a lot of effort into it. It is not fair to expect their support if you are not there for them. You are not there to listen to their presentations and referral requests. And when you don't bring in a substitute, visitors don't hear about you and your business.

For this reasons our board decided to improve our attendance policy as follows:

We could be absent from our weekly meetings in 2 different occasions, no questions asked. We all have holidays, a bad sleepless night, or an important business trip that overlaps with our meeting. And on top of that, we can send it a substitute on our behalf in 2 separate occasions. So we can miss a total of 8 meetings in any 6 monthly period, if we really have to. Every quarter we all start with a clean slate and our record goes back to 0.

So, every quarter you could miss 4 meetings maximum, and bring in a substitute in at least 2 our of those 4 meetings.

In business, we say that the way you do one thing, is the way you do all things. And that means that the way you organise your meeting attendance is a clear reflection of how you organise your business and the way you take care of the referrals you receive. This is why it is so important that you have a great process in place that enables you to look always as professional as you want others to perceive you.

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