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3 Ways to Increase Your Results

Author: Paul Rivero, CEO at Maxima Web

This article is about engines. What's your engine? What drives you? Keeps you moving forward?

Coffee? That's it, nothing more, if I don't get coffee I don't get nothing, there is no existence.

Beatles all you need is one thing... "love".

So which is it? Coffee or love? Love plus coffee?

Money drives us but money is not the motive: to make a living for ourselves and for others, and to make that living comfortable.

So the engine drives us. The motive is where we get with it.

Finding Your Motivation

So what’s the motive for driving the BTB Club forward? The destination that motivates us is better business!

Why move forward as a Club? We are a collective - if the Club goes forward, we all go forward. Faster alone, but further together, better business success together.

OK, that’s the motive, but what’s the engine to drive the club forward? It’s no secret coz it’s in the title of today’s training slot… visitors. How?

Who’s connected with a visitor, even if they didn’t join the club, and had a conversation with the visitor afterwards?

Those connections turn into leads, and leads can turn into business. (Or into more connections and then into more leads & business.) And I know some visitors have generated business for members of the club, so it works!

But more importantly, visitors become members. Sometimes new members generate internal business which is great, but even better, members become referrers.

The more members, across more industries, the more our referral possibilities will multiply, and the more referrals each member can receive.

And the visitors will benefit too! They’ll be on their way to better business, with a club of professionals, and with the option to join the club and receive referrals themselves.

So if visitors are the engine, what is the fuel for the engine? Invitations are like fuel for the visitor engine, and it’s 100% environmentally friendly fuel when you invite a contact to visit a meeting.

Would you like to know three ways to make it easier to give more invitations? This is where you might want to take a note, because these are three habits that will help. Not three more obligations to do, you’re already busy enough. But these habits will make inviting visitors easy, and you can use the same principles for many things. These are three key ideas:

1. Keep the motivation clear

2. Modify the method

3. Make intuitive triggers

1. Keep the Motivation Clear

Don’t invite visitors because you have to. You don’t have to. You want to! Because you know that will motivate someone else to invite a visitor, and that visitor could be your next referral.

2. Modify the Method

BTB Club has a great email template to use for inviting visitors. Can you adapt it to you/your contacts? Make it your own. Make a WhatsApp template - some messages you copy and paste. Use phone calls. Make a voice recording, without using a persons name, and send that to your contact.

Hi again, I just thought I’d explain a little more about this Business Club opportunity…

3. Make Intuitive Triggers

Take a moment to think at the end of each weekly meeting, it’s the prefect trigger, to invite someone next week. Ask yourself:

Who would have enjoyed today’s meeting - training, other visitors, etc?

Who might be a good referral for next week’s featured member presentation?

This is why next week’s featured member presentation is announced a week in advance, so that we can be inspired of a visitor to invite.

Bonus ideas:

Announce attempts. If you invite someone but they don’t come, tell everyone about it - it’s motivating for others, and can be great inspiration as well. And put the BTB Club in your email signature, because people might see it and click through, but at the very least it will be a great natural trigger: could I invite this recipient as a visitor?

Invitations are the fuel for the engine of the Club - visitors. Who are you going to invite next week?


Paul Rivero, CEO at Maxima Web

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