3 Ways to Increase Your Results

Author: Paul Rivero, CEO at Maxima Web

This article is about engines. What's your engine? What drives you? Keeps you moving forward?

Coffee? That's it, nothing more, if I don't get coffee I don't get nothing, there is no existence.

Beatles all you need is one thing... "love".

So which is it? Coffee or love? Love plus coffee?

Money drives us but money is not the motive: to make a living for ourselves and for others, and to make that living comfortable.

So the engine drives us. The motive is where we get with it.

Finding Your Motivation

So what’s the motive for driving the BTB Club forward? The destination that motivates us is better business!

Why move forward as a Club? We are a collective - if the Club goes forward, we all go forward. Faster alone, but further together, better business success together.